The ESNcard is the symbol of a new generation of students: mobility ones and active members! With it, you can have discounts, advantages, conventions not only here in Milan: over 1080 discounts in 136 cities in 37 countries.


With the ESNcard, you will enjoy thousands of discounts (housing, sport, food, bars, etc.) all over Europe.
At a local level, the ESNcard allows you not only to benefit from our conventions with activities and shops, but also to take part in all our activities at low prices.

The ESNcard offers:

  • Culture – discounts for museums, cinemas, concerts, cultural events
  • Fun – discounts for discos, aperitifs, pizzerias, restaurants
  • Trips – you will be able to participate in all the trips organized by ESN
  • Sports – discounts in swimming pools, gyms, and you can also take part in football and volleyball tournaments.​
  • Shops – discounts with the shops involved.

And, moreover, services, information on jobs, careers and university exams.
With the ESNcard you join the world of ESN activities! Become a member now!
Parties, trips, cinema discussions, culture, cocktail nights, sports, euro dinners, aperitifs, theatre…and much more are waiting for you!


To become a member, come to our ESN office and ask for it! If you want you can fill out the following form from your computer, tablet or smartphone and pre-order your ESNcard skipping the queue. When you’ll arrive in Milano you can come to our office and collect your card.
The card costs 10€ and lasts one year from the day of activation.

Visit the webiste and find out which are the discounts you can have across the whole of Europe!