“In educational processes the important thing is to know, to know how to be, and how and what to do”

This is the essence of the educational mission outlined by Unesco. At IULM, University of Languages and Communication, knowing and knowing how are the tools, while the real goal is to educate men and women to know themselves and their own worth.
The real and ideal goal is to know how to be.

Since 1968, when the University Institute for Modern Languages (IULM) was founded by Senior Professor Carlo Bo and Professor Silvio Baridon, the inspiring idea of the project has been to meet the labour market’s future needs by analysing the present and studying ongoing trends.

Initially, this meant focusing on the study of languages – the sine qua non for becoming a part of an increasingly European framework. Things have changed over the years and it has become crucial to learn how to use specific communication tools. To meet this need, the university’s training opportunities and its facilities have been renewed and upgraded. It was a courageous development, in line with the principles that led IULM to change its identity and update all its syllabuses, closing the courses that had made the institute’s history, introducing new syllabuses and modifying the university’s charter and name.
Introduced in 1998, the denomination IULM University of Languages and Communication bears out the institution’s two-fold vocation of teaching languages as well as communication. This is the core principle of the institute’s range of training opportunities.


  • Faculty of Arts, Tourism and Markets
  • Faculty of Communication, Public Relations and Advertising
  • Faculty of Interpreting, Translation, Linguistic and Cultural Studies

How to reach IULM University

  • IULM University is a few minutes walk from the subway station Romolo, on the underground’s green line (MM2). You can also reach IULM with the trolley buses 90 and 91 and bus lines n. 47, 71, 74, 76 and 95.
  • From outside Milan - The IULM University is next to the railway station S9 Milano Romolo which links the Campus to the railway stations of Milano Lambrate (FS lines to Monza, Bergamo, Brescia, Bologna, and Genoa) and Milano Greco Pirelli (FS lines to Monza, Como, Lecco, Savona).
  • From the city - The Iulm University is linked with the railway line S9 to the stations of Porta Romana(M3), Lambrate (M2), Greci Pirelli and Sesto San Giovanni (M1).