Piacere, Milano” means “Milano, Nice to Meet You”. It’s a project that uses social innovation to develop the twin concepts of hospitality and sociability, and give a different im age of Milano to visitors and residents alike. Our aim is to make the city more open and inclusive, ready to seize the opportunities for cultural exchange and social interaction that EXPO 2015 offers.

We consider the Milanese tolerant and friendly people, who are ready to invite tourists for dinner in their homes, or show them around the city. The mission of Piacere Milano is to make sure that this actually happens, and it happens in a fun and fruitful way. The project is conceived and managed by the Clinc communication agency jointly with La Cordata and Spazio Aperto Servizi – two cooperatives working on social inclusiveness – as well as Altavia, an international media agency, all actors working toward the common goal of a more cosmopolitan and welcoming city. Piacere Milano is projected to become a permanent asset available to all of Milano and the Milanese.

In fact, Piacere Milano is supported by the City of Milan, and aims to involve locals in the events and relations developing around Expo 2015. The basic idea is that both residents and tourists are the veritable protagonists of the World Fair. Our project aims to provide a different perspective on Milano than the one offered by traditional tourist packages. We want to expose the minds of travelers to the memories, experiences, and stories of Milano and its people. We want the Milanese to tell and share their city as the world has neither heard nor seen.

The objectives of Piacere Milano – Milano Nice to Meet You are:

  • To populate its dinner-sharing and city-sharing platform with Milanese HOSTS and non-Milanese GUESTS, in order to promote mutual cultural exchange and urban discovery.
  • To activate territorial marketing innovation through an array of strategies and tools: social media, digital PR, social networking, buzz marketing, event organizing and promotion etc.
  • To valorize Milano’s material and immaterial culture through the gaze of city-dwellers, by exploring their stories and supporting the sharing of their experiences.
  • To boost Milano’s image as a welcoming city and international tourist destination, thereby generating positive effects on its reputation in Italy and abroad.