What? Paladin is the new 2.0 rental of private objects. The first mobile app to rent and rent high-value, safely in your city.

You can rent your turntable and your neighbor can rent it from you. It's really easy: just enter the price per day and set a bail, chat with the person interested in your item, meet him/her for the exchange, and arrange a second meeting to get your item back where you can check the conditions and finish the loan.

We may need to rent an item for a short period of time, at an affordable price, possibly near us, NOW!
The exchange takes place in complete security thanks to the prior approval, by credit card of the price per day and the deposit by the person who will rent the item. Thanks to this system, those who rent the object will not have to worry about any damage or loss of the object.

Paladin is also social sharing: it lets you meet new people in your neighborhood. Any person can be a 'borrower' and a 'lender'.