Since 2013 Erasmus Student Network Italia has managed the Erasmus and Sport project; with the aim of spreading the culture of healthy living among students of international exchange, practicing, during their period in Italy, one or more sports disciplines, with the aim of creating further points of aggregation with other foreign students, but above all with Italian students, in a country with an "unknown" principle. The aim is to spread the values ​​of integration and social cohesion through sport, understood as a unifying element, which highlights equality rather than diversity.


The project consists of three phases:

  • Local phase: the Italian sections of ESN, distributed throughout the national territory, involve Erasmus students in various sports activities, encouraging them to practice and spreading a healthy lifestyle inspired by the values ​​of sport throughout the national territory;
  • National Phase - National Erasmus Games (NEG): the ESN Sections meet in a city, in which the local ESN section is in charge of organizing, through the support of local sports and administrative authorities, a tournament divided between different sports;
  • International phase - International Erasmus Games (IEG): the winning teams of the various national sports disciplines challenge each other to win the title of European champion in the international games scheduled every year in a different country.